Updated Entgra Cloud: Bringing All the Benefits of Entgra UEM 5.2

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

We’re excited to announce that Entgra Cloud users now have access to the latest version of our Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) product – Entgra UEM 5.2. We designed Entgra UEM 5.2 specifically with Entgra Cloud users in mind. One of the highlights of the latest product version is that you can enroll your devices in a simpler, more straightforward manner. Entgra UEM 5.2 enables you to onboard your first device easily, contact support for faster replies to your queries, and also comes with a self-guided UI tour for your convenience.

The previous version of Entgra Cloud provided an older version of Entgra UEM. With the latest upgrade, Entgra Cloud users now have access to the following benefits:

    • Self-guided enrollment with clear directions

    • Per-tenant theming for customizations

    • Guided UI tour to provide a better understanding of features

    • Live chat for faster answers to your questions

    • Disable unwanted apps without block listing them

    • Agent labeling by sending a notification to the device

    • Device tracking enhancements for complete visibility over your device fleet

Read our release blog to learn more about these features. We also discussed upcoming changes to Entgra UEM that you can expect this year in this webinar.

3-phase migration process for existing Entgra Cloud users

If you’re an existing Entgra Cloud user, we have organized a 3 phase step-by-step process where you can migrate to Entgra UEM 5.2. We have to migrate the agent versions on the devices to take full advantage of the latest features. 

Here is an overview of this process:

    • Phase 1: Agent upgrades

    • Phase 2: Portal migration

    • Phase 3: Migration completion

We will inform you when the migration process starts and its progress. With your help, we hope to migrate all agents to the latest product version within a few weeks after we begin this process.

Please contact us via the support portal if you have any questions. If you’re a new user curious to learn more about Entgra UEM’s expansible endpoint management features, sign up for our user evaluation trial here.