Introducing Entgra MDM 5.0: New Features and Benefits for You

Entgra UEM 5.0 introduced upgrades to the management console UI, analytics, and feature support. This release focuses on providing more decision support capabilities while enhancing the user experience. 

We discuss the following:

  • New UI – Simplified, user-friendly UI for your convenience
  • Updated analytics and dashboards – Visual display of analytics, including location analytics for moving devices
  • Improved support and updated policies – New policies to support Android and Windows; improved Docker support for product profiles
  • Enhanced API integrations – Product re-written using WSO2 API Manager 4.0

The webinar is ideally suited for CIOs, enterprise architects, and developers. If you’re already familiar with our products or you’re interested to learn more, we encourage you to listen to this webinar.

Presented by

Inosh Perera


Director of Mobility Solutions – Entgra