Entgra EMM

Enterprise Mobility, Evolved

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) is a specialty we have mastered over the years, from our times at WSO2. Keep your business data safe by having more control over the devices and the applications used at your organization with Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Application Management (MAM); both offered with our EMM solution.


Entgra Enterprise Mobility Management

Enhance convenience and security in the workplace with Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) Solution


Build Efficiently-Mobile Employees and Enterprises

Empower employees to use their mobile devices resourcefully, while taking care of the mobile workforce aspects that challenge your IT Management, and enhance the efficiency of your enterprise while doing so.

Streamline Your Mobile Workforce

Build, control and share purpose built applications for your mobile workforce. Increase the productivity of employees by providing them with anytime and anywhere, secure access to enterprise applications and real time data boosting business intelligence.


Proactively Guard Enterprise Content

Preserve the integrity of enterprise data and devices with EMM capabilities to separate personal and corporate data, enforce passwords, perform remotes wipes and track device locations. Monitor devices to mitigate data threats and misuse while regulating application downloads on devices through blacklisting and white-listing policies and Enterprise App Stores.

Simplify Enterprise Management

Lighten IT management efforts by consolidating all users, applications, devices and data via your central EMM solution for comprehensive UEM (Unified Endpoint Management). Obtain device inventories and insightful action history presenting a comprehensive view for IT officiation. Deploy applications and configurations direct to devices paving the way to increased automation of IT operations.


Take Control

Stay ahead of the IT management hurdle to oversee, track and secure access to enterprise data sans impairing the mobility and productivity of employees. Moderate enterprise owned applications and data with EMM’s application and device control capabilities such as time restrictions via kiosk management and geo-fencing policies to limit application access within geographical confines.

Extend with Integration

Simplify the complexities of integration faced by enterprise architects with enterprise integration ready EMM. Seamlessly connect an array of enterprise systems such as IAM, Analytics, HR, App Store or others, to extend the EMM solution over a broader IT landscape.

  • Kiosk Management
  • Locker Management