A Career in the Future of Technology

Entgra is the place where you can innovate within our community and carve your own career path.

Create solutions that go beyond problem solving.
Embark on challenges that evolve every day and meet them head on.
Employ cutting edge technology and resources.
Innovate freely within our vastly open culture.
Share your work with a large open source community.
Carve your own path.
Work with passionate peers in a bold environment.
Keep learning.

Software Engineers

We’re currently looking for software engineers. With IoT and MDM being two of the hottest areas in technology right now, our ideal applicants must have sound knowledge of IoT and MDM technology, the curiosity to learn about upcoming trends in this sphere by themselves, and a data-driven, analytical mind.


  • A bachelor’s degree in software engineering
  • Competent working knowledge of Java/Javascript, Linux/Unix, and Python 
  • An understanding of UI/UX and its importance
  • Knowledge of technology areas such as AI, machine learning, security, and big data
  • Great communication skills, a strong work ethic, and the ability to work with individuals in different teams

Entgra Internships

We’re always on the lookout for new talent and ideas. Software engineering students are welcome to apply for internships.

What we look for in our interns

  • Keen, committed, and enthusiastic individuals with a particular passion for IoT and MDM technology
  • The necessary technical skills and the need to build your expertise
  • Proactive and bold enough to experiment with technology
  • A fast, self motivated learner

What will you gain from an internship with us?

  • Build your technical and soft skills
  • Gain exposure to industry best practices
  • Learn from industry experts who have worked with global Fortune 500 companies and SMEs
  • Contribute to multi-faceted projects and solutions
  • Find your voice and build your personal brand in the industry