Entgra Cloud

A safer, low-cost, and flexible way to store your device data

Our fully managed cloud services give enterprises a secure, efficient mechanism to store and access critical business data, freeing your team to focus on business projects and increase profits.

Why Use Entgra Cloud?

Fully managed cloud services and support

Entra provides end-to-end security for your devices and applications, manages maintenance and updates, secures your data, and enables you to control data access. So you have the flexibility to solve your business problems.

Connect mobile devices faster

MDM configurations can be time consuming. Expedite your MDM configurations by limiting on-site device installations and testing times.

Cost-effective and scalable

Cloud is a better option when connecting a smaller number of devices and reducing initial investment costs. As the number of devices increase, scale the deployment and data to meet business requirements.

No data lock-in

Data is available any time that you want to access it in the cloud, even with mobile access. Reduce time spent on data retrieval for projects, avoid data silos, and visualize and share data with team members easily.

Mitigate emergencies

Data in the cloud is particularly helpful during emergencies if your devices malfunction and you’re unable to access or lose your data, affecting your business operations in the process.