Entgra IoT Platform

End to end IoT Platform Development In One Platform

The Entgra IoT Platform gives you expansive application building blocks to integrate your devices and solutions. Focus on the business problem without worrying about connectivity.

Entgra IoT Platform Benefits

End-to-end application development
A complete IoT solution that helps you overcome silos.

Unified management of all enterprise devices
Single platform for managing and accessing all devices and sensors deployed by your enterprise.

Share information with your ecosystem
Expose devices and business services via APIs for greater collaboration and solution development.

Event-driven approach
Programmable event handling machine for efficiency.

Real-time analytics
Device, data usage, and batch analytics to drive decisions and flag issues.

Plug-in architecture for extensibility
Connectors and an extensible connector architecture.

Scalability to suit your enterprise needs
Scale your deployments based on your requirements as your enterprise grows.

Security for users, devices, and data
Identity federation layer for everyone and everything connected to your ecosystem.

Edge computing to minimize latencies
Faster data processing with our edge computing capabilities.

Extensive integration
Customize your solution with customer device connectors, real time event analytics, reporting, custom dashboards, APIs, and more.

Product Update

Entgra IoT Platform now enables you to integrate your solutions and devices much faster. Experience all the benefits of our IoT middleware by downloading the latest release.

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