Factory Floor Monitoring

Customized IoT Technology For Each Factory

We’ll work with you to give you custom-made IoT solutions for your specific factory floor device monitoring and control requirements as each factory has its own operational concerns. Connect devices across the value chain to a single platform and centralize management.

Factory Floor Management Features

Track supply chains, inventories, and warehouse operations
Understand the trends and usage levels of your products in different stages of the operational cycle to make timely decisions on current and future stock levels.

Automated quality control
Reduce testing time and human errors through automated mechanisms to detect anomalies early and reduce any overhead costs. 

Real-time data and machine monitoring
Gain data of your factory output at any given time to assess the situation and make operational changes. 

Assembly line view
Identify any issues with factory machines and their performance capabilities earlier to reduce chances of malfunctioning and delays. Reduce maintenance costs in the process.

Predictive maintenance
Identify the number of machines needed to complete factory orders, what’s working below capacity, and the time taken to complete each order for line balancing and optimizing output.

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