Enhance Manufacturing Efficiency in Factories

Floor to your Dashboard

Optimize core manufacturing processes in factories to realize Industry 4.0, through Industrial IoT (IIoT) solutions.


Optimize Production

Obtain real time data from equipment on the factory floor to preside over operations. Accrue information from connected devices in order to make improvements to operations such as change-overs of resources and equipment. Analyze data over time to identify patterns and trends in production that can be optimized.

Avail Predictive Maintenance

Forecast equipment failures using analytics on derived data. Anticipate and stock spare parts for equipment with predicted repairs or requiring replacement. Perform maintenance, or service equipment, on a need basis to avoid scheduled maintenance routines and associated costs.


Strengthen Quality Control

Automate quality control processes, tests and final inspections reducing testing time and human involvement. Detect anomalies in products and identify failures in real-time and close to the source eliminating cost pile ups due to delayed detection. Resolve problems quickly with timely reporting, information processing, and analysis.

Support Smarter Inventory and Supply Chain Management

Track and trace inventory as it moves along a production line to obtain realistic figures of used materials, rate of depletion of inventory, and time to complete products. Identify trends in inventory usage for efficient inventory management. Integrate with supply chain systems to achieve well-timed replenishment of inventory and scheduled deliveries of end products.


Assert Adaptive Control

Identify changes in production and equipment and trigger appropriate response measures. Perform data processing on the edge and respond to events without human involvement.