Entgra IoT Platform

Leading the Technological Evolution for your Internet of Things.


Discover the full potential of your enterprise

Capture, communicate and translate IoT data to improve process efficiency, make informed decisions and drive appropriate responses across your business.


Drive Detection

Sense events as they happen in the physical world and measure real-time data from IoT sensors and devices. Leverage information derived from your IoT deployment to increase the visibility of your end to end operation and ultimately serve as the key input for ensuing processes.

Make the Right Connections

Register and prepare your IoT fleet to connect seamlessly and securely to the platform. Start transmitting and receiving business-critical data. Achieve reliable communication between devices; exchanging a multitude of messages while directing those messages to the required end points.


Gain the Edge

Analyze and act on data on the edge; optimizing the operation of your IoT devices by efficiently processing and initiating response from your data collection points. Localize data on your devices, in turn securing it, and transmitting other data only as needed for optimal network efficiency.

Harness Predictability

Employ advanced analytics to assess data volumes to identify patterns or risks and make quick and informed responses to events. Set the perfect stage for process improvements via machine learning by exploiting predictions.


Share for Value

Make information on your IoT platform easily accessible to a wide audience of stakeholders such partners, suppliers and customers, via APIs. Maximize on shared information for mutual benefits and overall gains.

Integrate Openly

Route IoT data to repositories or applications of your choice, increasing business agility via platform support for limitless integration. Address the complexity of integration between devices with device agnosticism. Unify your comprehensive IoT on a common platform and mine big data to gain critical insight of the big picture affecting your enterprise.


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