Kiosk Management

Digitalize to Revolutionize

Upgrade your business to be digitally savvy. Entgra’s kiosk management solution ensures the smooth and secure running of applications, while optimizing the usage of the kiosks on which they run, for their intended purposes and audience.


Maximized Shared Value

As organizations race to support shared or publicly accessible applications on a growing number of kiosks such as touchscreen displays, smartphones and tablets, managing and controlling distributed content and devices has presented logistical, security, and time related challenges to IT staff.

Entgra’s kiosk management solution ensures the smooth and secure running of applications, while optimizing the usage of the kiosks on which they run, for their intended purposes and audience. It affords simplified management and optimal control for IT management over kiosks and minimizes the time taken to establish a fully functional kiosk. In turn this allows application developers and businesses to optimally focus on building applications and providing superior services.

Benefits of the Kiosk Management Solution


Manage Remotely

  • Monitor multiple kiosks from a single remote location easing administrative effort
  • Fix technical issues remotely by way of remote reboots, screen sharing, accessing logs, files and the device’s command prompt
  • Control kiosk behaviour by silently deploying the installation or updating of kiosk software, operating system and content
  • Lock or unlock kiosk terminals remotely for maintenance

Champion Security

  • Heighten security through support for key disabling and prevention of OS or setting modifications
  • Lock applications for a specific time period via timed log-off
  • Handle user sessions through session management
  • Prevent the operation of devices beyond defined proximity limits by setting geo-fencing policies to localize data
  • Enable device compromisation protection via geo tracking, remote data wiping and factory resetting
  • Exploit secure OAuth Protected APIS that integrate easily with existing APIs

Leverage Tracking

  • Track device vitals such as RAM Usage, Disk Space Utilization and Battery Health to identify software and hardware weaknesses in order to perform preventive or corrective maintenance
  • View kiosk screens in real time in order to manage control from a hub
  • Track kiosk usage via fixed reporting to ensure policy compliance and kiosk health.
  • Trace the location of mobile kiosks in real time


Kiosk management solutions prove indispensable for businesses involved in manufacturing kiosk terminals or developing applications for said terminals. They have applications across the Aviation, Hospitality, Fleet Management, Field Service, and Retail Industries.


Check In Terminals at Airports






Retail POS Terminals


In-flight Entertainment Kiosks


Self Service Kiosks at Restaurants

With support for remote management, geographically dispersed kiosks can have their software, operating system and content updated from a single administrative location. In addition, Entgra’s kiosk management solution ensures kiosks, software and content can be secured through user session management, modification defences,restoring settings and data wiping. With the added bonus of remote troubleshooting, the downtime of kiosks is minimized which guarantees higher customer satisfaction while reducing staff involvement and freeing up valuable time for employees.

Fleet Management, Field Service and Delivery Agent Kiosks

Entgra’s kiosk management solution ensures that mobile fleets and agents are always on the go with reinforcement for remote control, troubleshooting and application deployment. The solution also enables the whereabouts and device usage of mobile fleets and agents to be constantly monitored and traced with real time and historical location tracking. Additionally mobile enterprise devices and data can be ideally secured via session management and device compromisation protection to ensure data is safe from threats despite being accessed outside corporate strongholds.