Kiosk Management

Scalable kiosk management for long term business growth

We’ll give you the technology to convert your devices into kiosks and work with you to identify your enterprise’s long term needs. You’re empowered to scale your kiosk deployment and respond to challenges and changing scenarios swiftly.

Kiosk Management Features

Centralized administration
One central administrative hub to update the software, operating system, and content of devices deployed in multiple locations.

Reduce interruptions to business operations
Track kiosk usage in real time, identify problems, and rectify them to minimize interruptions to business operations.

Usage control
Ensure that your kiosks are used for their intended purposes and audiences.

User session management, data wiping, and restore session features for your kiosks. Secure OAuth protected APIs to integrate kiosk management with your existing applications.  

Manage mobile fleets, stations, and individuals
Remote control, troubleshooting, application deployment, usage monitoring, data protection, and programmable action plans based on geo-fences for devices and people on the move.

Remote management and troubleshooting
Fix technical issues, control kiosk behavior, lock or unlock your kiosks, and minimize downtime. 

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