Smart Lockers

Smarter the Better

Entgra’s Smart Lockers solution offers you intelligent feature rich locker solutions to facilitate secure, accountable and efficient storage system for your business.


Optimized Storage and Simplified Delivery

With individuals on the go, now more than ever, in-person package delivery and traditional storage options are pressing problems across places of business, study, residence and recreation.

Smart Lockers address challenges in these evolving environments by serving as:


Parcel Lockers

for flexible delivery and retrieval of packages.


Day Lockers

for dynamic assignment to users as they come and go.


Asset Lockers

for safekeeping of high value items.

Benefits of Smart Lockers


Expedites Self Service

  • Support self provisioning of lockers in turn empowering users.
  • Reserve and release lockers quickly without the intervention of an administrator.
  • Assign lockers as needed to maximize the utilization of your locker installation.

Eliminates Keys

  • Access lockers with PINs and digital swipe cards and eliminate the lost key conundrum, of having to specifically replace a lost locker key through specialized effort, at a cost and the threat to security for an organization.
  • Regenerate PINs with minimum effort and program digital swipe cards remotely to simplify maintenance.
  • Reduce maintenance costs and effort without the need to manage numerous keys.

Provides Shared Access

  • Share access to secure storage for group projects among teams.
  • Share access to a locker to store packages by sharing a PIN and collect deliverables at a convenient time.

Exploits Intelligent Alerts

  • Configure alerts according to your requirements to notify you on your smartphone or via email in instances such as when a shared locker is accessed to enable you to retrieve packages at a time convenient to you.
  • Be notified in the event a locker has been incorrectly shut.
  • Set up multi-factor authentication and alerts for teams using shared lockers to enable locker access using a combination PIN.

Monitors Utilization

  • Track usage, reservations and availability in real time for improved efficiency.
  • Maintain a comprehensive log of locker utilization to derive patterns of usage.
  • Accurately determine lockers needed based on actual subscription rates.

Integrates with Devices and Systems

  • Integrate with devices such as mobile phones or email systems to send and receive messages regarding access to shared lockers.
  • Interface with HR and Security systems already in place for end to end functionality.

Supports Temporary and Shift-Based Employees

  • Allocate lockers dynamically to temporary employees or day workers to improve flexibility in operations.
  • Maintain a comprehensive log of locker utilization to derive patterns of usage.
  • Lower costs due to fixed locker assignments.


Smart Lockers are coveted by enterprises of commerce, defence, education, healthcare, residence and recreation.

Day Lockers in Commercial and Recreational Facilities

Commercial and Recreational Enterprises seek smart lockers as temporary or permanent storage solutions for employees and members. With support for self provisioning and keyless operation, users save time and enjoy greater flexibility.

Parcel Lockers in Educational and Residential Complexes

Educational and Residential Complexes employ smart lockers to manage package delivery to students and residents. Where previously a recipient had to be at a certain place at a certain time, with smart parcel lockers, recipients can be alerted via email or SMS with regards to a received package and credentials to access a reserved locker at a time of their convenience. Once the package has been retrieved a reserved locker can be released instantly without intervention. Every package delivery and retrieval can be recorded in order to ensure parcels are not misplaced.

Asset Lockers in Healthcare and Defence Industries.

Defence and Healthcare industries require high value items to be secured and accessed by authorized individuals only. With support for multi factor authentication, and monitoring of real-time and historical usage, smart lockers provide the necessary security and transparency for use as asset lockers.