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Having our cornerstone laid in WSO2, we are all about creating next gen technological solutions to accelerate your enterprise digitalization strategy.

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Ice cream


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Working in the semi-dark


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Charitha Goonetilleke

Charitha is an Associate Technical Lead at Entgra where his core focus is the IoT platform and related solutions and to push boundaries in the world of IoT to help grow businesses.

Inosh Perera

Inosh is an Associate Technical Lead at Entgra where he extensively lends his expertise in the field of Enterprise Mobility Management(EMM) and IoT in order to address enterprise IT challenges.

Lasantha Dharmakeerthi

With an innate love of writing code to solve complex issues, software developer Lasantha has been interested to do programming since his little age. He taught himself to enhance his programming skills through reading books, following online tutorials,

Madawa Soysa

Prior to joining Entgra, Madawa worked as Senior Software Engineer at WSO2 where he actively contributed to the EMM, IOT, Carbon Platform, Governance Registry and Identity & Access Management (IAM) products.

Milan Perera

Previously having worked at WSO2 for a span of three years, Milan contributed significantly to WSO2’s Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), Internet of Things (IOT), Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), Business Process Server (BPS), Message Broker (MB), and Ballerina products.

Nuwan Jayawardene

Nuwan embarked on his career as an intern at WSO2 where he specialized in EMM and IoT and honed considerable skills. He is also currently an undergraduate reading for a Computer Science degree at the Informatics Institute of Technology, Colombo.

Pahansith Gunathilake

Pahansith is an Associate Software Engineer at Entgra with experience in web development and customized IoT solutions. An aspiring astronaut as a kid, Pahansith is now a dedicated team member who draws inspiration from the likes of Steve Jobs.

Ruwan Yatawara

Ruwan is a Technical Lead at Entgra. He is a designer and developer of various types of monolithic and distributed applications particularly targeted towards the EMM and IoT domains.

Saad Sahibjan

Saad is a Software Engineer at Entgra. While, according to his estimation, he would be terrible at piloting, Saad would rather code than sleep and as such is hooked on all things tech.

Sumedha Rubasinghe

Founder, CEO at Entgra. A software engineering professional with extensive experience in product development and engineering management. Specialised expertise on Internet of Things (IoT) related applications, Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), API Management and building scalable Software Architectures.

Jayasanka Weerasinghe

Jayasanka is a Software Engineering Intern with a special eye for UI/UX. His favourite leisure pursuit is coding. However, he is also an avid reader of thriller novels. He is an undergraduate of University of Westminster, London. While excelling in his Software Engineering career, he aspires to be a public speaker one day.

Sandaru Daminda

Sandaru is currently a trainee Software Engineer at Entgra. Having completed a B.Sc. (Hons.) degree in computer science and software engineering from the University of Bedfordshire at SLIIT, Sandaru is an eager learner and keen contributor.

In his spare time, he enjoys trying his hand at DIY projects