Learn how Entgra IoT Server 4.1 provides greater security, simplifies tasks, and supports decision making for enterprise mobility.

Entgra IoT Server, our customizable mobile device management (MDM) platform with extensive features to manage a wide range of devices, now includes significant upgrades. We’ve organized a webinar to discuss key product enhancements of Entgra IoT Server 4.1 and what you can expect from the product in the future.

This webinar will cover:

    • An overview of Entgra IoT Server 4.1 for MDM and its benefits
    • The new endpoint management dashboard and app management console
    • Updates to Google enterprise integrations simplified remote device management
    • The reporting module
    • The product roadmap for Entgra IoT Server

This will be an interactive webinar, with a Q&A session too towards the end.

Presented By

Inosh Perera

Director of Mobility Solutions

Your common questions answered:

1. How do you compare your platform with Samsung KNOX?

Samsung Knox focuses on catering to Samsung devices while Entgra IoT Platform focuses on facilitating device management and application management capabilities to all Android devices, including devices without Google services, TVs, and different Android variations such as FireOS. Entgra provides capabilitie such as remote screen control, Android enterprise integration, and many other features that are more user-friendly and works across a wide range of device vendors.

2. Can we prevent button pressing the factory reset button?

This refers to a hard reset by pressing power and volume buttons.
Yes, Entgra relies on the Android OS’s APIs provided for blocking factory reset. As such, all forms of factory reset are blocked with the factory reset policy. However, some Android devices in the market may not adhere to these standards and allow hard resetting. Therefore, when purchasing corporate devices, please ensure that the device model does not violate these standards.

3. We often have to setup a specific APN for the inserted SIM. Can we configure this as well?

Entgra Android policies provide you with capabilities to define APN settings. For example, if you are buying corporate SIM cards for your devices, you may use this policy to set up APN settings. After APN settings are configured, they are added to device settings and will not be deleted. Hence, it is not necessery to create APN profiles repeatedly.

4. What is the mechanism when users perform SIM changes without knowing the admin of MDM?

Our policy enforces the device to lock itself when users attempt to change SIM cards. The device will remain locked until the user inserts the corporate SIM card. Moreover, you’re also provided with a report that enables you to check when/if users have tried to change SIM cards.4. What is the mechanism when users perform SIM changes without knowing the admin of MDM?

5. Can we integrate Entgra IoT Platform with Google Play?

Yes, Entgra provides Android enterprise integration, allowing users to manage apps via the Google Play Store.

6. What level of restriction can we achieve through the kiosk mode? What are the features/policies on kiosk?

Kiosk Management provides a range of capabilities including:

– Single user or authenticated multi-user kiosk

– Single app or multiple app based kiosk

– Kiosk locking to a web app or multiple web apps

– Operational time restriction of the kiosk terminal

– Video or media display on a kiosk terminal on idle devices

– Kiosk theme alignment with your company theme

7. What are the available identity integration options?

Entgra IoT Platform is built on top of WSO2’s identity and access management (IAM) capabilities. This means that our product can act as a fully fledged identity management framework that supports OpenId Connect, SAML, SSO, OAuth2, user management, federated identity, and many other identify management features.

8. Can I integrate Entgra IoT Platform via APIs?

Similar to identity integration, Entgra IoT Platform also consist of fully fledged API management capabilities provided by WSO2’s API management platform. All APIs are exposed as REST APIs with OAuth2. You can throttle APIs, integrate APIs with other systems, and even customize APIs themselves to have advanced integration logics. API documentation is provided as a Swagger and you can browse for APIs in the API store and test them.