Entgra App

Manage all aspects of your lifecycle

Distribute and manage apps across devices for all your users – employees, customers, and partners. The Entgra App Store is a private enterprise app store that is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Entgra App Store Benefits

Single sign on

Authenticate users in your ecosystem securely and ensure that only intended users have access to your enterprise apps.


App update policies

Centralized app store for organizations with policies, giving greater oversight of app usage.

Control over apps

Manage your app delivery, track usage in your user ecosystem, remove outdated apps, and control which versions are in use.

Oversee entire life cycle

Implement your app updates policies – silent install, night time updates, update using wifi, and more.


Your enterprise integration needs vary. Entgra App Store supports monetization, branding, volumetric licenses, and more.

Privacy & data management

Erase user data when it is no longer required to store this data, so that your users have no nagging privacy concerns.

Product Update​

Entgra App Store now has significant product enhancements. The latest release includes the following updates:
  • Greater security with restrictions for invalid SIM cards
  • Real-time decision making through geo-fencing and alerts at the client-end
  • A user-friendly endpoint management app to simplify administrative tasks
  • Features to enable new configurations for role creation and permissions
  • Factory reset protection for Android devices
  • Capability to name devices at enrollment for easier device identification
  • Additional features that empower administrators to perform their tasks seamlessly