Utility Meter Connectivity

IoT middleware and custom integrations for multi-purpose utility meter management

Integrate utility meters with your existing business operations infrastructure using the extensible Entgra IoT Platform. Implement a customized, secure utility meter system that gives you insights into meter functionality, consumption, and possible challenges.


Custom meter type integrations

Utility meters, usage scenarios, and protocols vary. Connect different types of devices to Entgra IoT Platform through custom integrations that suit your business needs and outcomes.

Meter onboarding

Track the location of your utility meters, test meters after installation, and gather proof of meter installations.

Integrate with existing systems

Integrate utility meters with your existing billing, inventory, and calibration systems.

Meter lifecycle management for accountability

Manage each stage of a utility meter lifecycle – factory manufacturing, testing, onboarding, quality checks, and regular usage – to ensure that you’re always aware of your utility meters’ lifecycle operations.

Configurable reading schedules

Schedule your utility meter readings as required and reconfigure meters to check for malfunctioning and any tampering.

Real-time analytics

Entgra’s complex event processing capabilities give you the data needed to understand complex situations and respond to bugs, alerts, programming requirements, and eve

APIs for extensibility

Use APIs to develop custom-made business solutions and workflows for efficient day-to-day business operations. 

Entgra Benefits

  • A single platform for developing end-to-end applications, device integration, and IoT
  • Comprehensive unified endpoint management capabilities
  • Expose devices as APIs securely
  • Identity federation to manage human and device identities
  • Device and endpoint data analytics for decision makers
  • Custom integrations with broad built-in capabilities
  • Flexible pricing options