Partner With Entgra

Let’s collaborate to solve interconnectivity and mobility challenges

If you’re a global systems integrator, device manufacturer, or a technology reseller, there are a number of ways that we can work together to leverage the best from Entgra technology and solutions.

Easy integration with WSO2

Enterprises that already use components from the WSO2 product suite (WSO2 API Manager, WSO2 Identity Server, WSO2 Streaming Integration, WSO2 Governance Registry, WSO2 Enterprise Integrator) have an easy integration option with Entgra.

Integrate WSO2 technology with Entgra MDM and/or Entgra IoT Platform to create an end-to-end application development platform for enterprise devices.

Working with Entgra

There are primarily 4 ways that you can engage with us. 

  • Develop custom solutions to address immediate and long term business challenges.
  • Integrate Entgra MDM and/or Entgra IoT Platform with your organizations’ technology stack.
  • We provide a backend for complete device based application development by the partner.
  • Develop and market your own products based on Entgra technology and solutions.

Industry-wide solutions for technology resellers

Connect the people and devices in your ecosystem to deliver innovative, secure, and connected digital experiences.
Explore how you can partner with Entgra in these industries.


Create mobile learning opportunities for higher education institutions and schools. Track and monitor device usage remotely, control access to educational resources, and manage any security breaches or risks.

Mobile payments and retail

Offer secure, frictionless payment experiences to consumers and merchants alike. Authenticate human and device identities using identity federation and protect sensitive data to build customer and business confidence.


Develop custom IoT middleware for factory floor management. View factory assembly lines, track inventories and supply chains, detect machine and product anomalies early to mitigate revenue loss, and gain real-time performance analytics. 

Logistics and transportation

Collect and track real-time device data to maintain extensive vehicle fleets for the movement of goods. Secure multiple device and human identities, keep track of inventories, and plan business operations.


Connect devices across public service systems in government institutions. Provide accurate information of services available and gain the demographic data needed for decision making. 


Build end-to-end telecommunications platforms to offer new products and services. Manage operations remotely, update devices, and scale platforms as consumers increase. 


Integrate utility meters with existing infrastructure and customize utility metering systems. Monitor meter lifecycles, understand device functionalities, track physical locations of meters, and access the data needed to address challenges for the immediate and long term.